Our aim is very clear that is to support and help those people who are in trouble economically, those who can not support easily their family and children because of the lack of their finance position.
Unfortunately we can see those type of less privileged people around us in bulk. It will definitely be good if we can support at least few of them. We are on the way to help and support them by providing ration, education and financial support (Alhamdulillah) and we want everyone to participate in this great cause, furthermore, up till now Alhamdulillah we have gathered “61” families among whom we distribute ration every month.

We are providing educational facility to the less privileged people’s children in which up till now we are providing education to “10” students in “STS FOUNDATION” and “40” students in “LITTLE BIRD SCHOOL”. Also we are intentioned to open our own School for this purpose so that more children can get education there which will be helpful to build excellent perception about the country. Also we can see that there is a lot of people suffering from different diseases like most important thalassemia. We are intentioned to build donor camp for them as well as ambulance service will also be the part of it soon INSHA ALLAH.

If anyone is interested in this great cause please visit our website thoroughly and get in touch with us.

May ALLAH shower his countless blessings on us..